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Circular Citizen

Citizen oriented research and program development that supports local and state governments, as well as social enterprises during circular economy policy/program design, development, and delivery.

Circular Citizen provides services such as research, stakeholder consultation, awareness campaigns, training, ecosystem mapping, and program development. Projects are delivered in a highly collaborative manner, leveraging the knowledge of both of in-house experts and local partners.

This page highlights some of Circular Citizen's past projects and work that it has been a key part of. For more information reach out to Sean Trewick.

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RESEARCH: Circular Capabilities Package 

We led an extensive market research project with Green Collect to inform the development of their Circular Capabilities Package aimed at large service sector organisations. The research also helped to validate the business model of the program as Green Collect works to formalise education and training for the emerging circular economy sector,

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STRATEGY: Go Circular Pathways to Scaled Impact 

We led a strategic review of Go Circular's business model and market positioning that including a significant market research component. The report presented key pathways to impact for the organisation as it embarks on a new stage of rapid growth.

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RESEARCH: Second-hand Education Campaigns 

Working with the Western Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (WSROC), we conducted research and reporting on educational campaigns that promote resident use of second-hand marketplaces and charities as part of their Regional Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2022-27 delivery.


TRAINING: Non-Accredited CE Courses for Industry

To address the shortage in practical circular economy training for Victorian industry stakeholders, we are currently working with Green Collect and the Victorian Government to develop non-accredited training courses in circular economy practice and transformative resource recovery.

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RESEARCH: Collaboration between CE Hubs

In response to a need to enhance collaboration between a growing number of circular economy themed hubs across Australia, we undertook an initial research report in collaboration with the Australian Circular Economy Hub.

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PROGRAM: CEED Innovation Program

As part of the Victorian Circular Activator, we developed a new innovation program called "CEED" for Circular Economy Victoria. We then took the first cohort through the program, with a focus on hard waste alternatives.

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RESEARCH: CE Opportunities Paper

As part of the Victorian Circular Activator, we undertook applied research with the City of Casey and Circular Economy Victoria to create a strategic circular economy opportunities paper. With strong engagement across a range of sectors and community groups, a set of recommendations were developed to support the continued collaborative exploration of
circular initiatives within the City.

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PROGRAM: VCA Innovation Showcases

As part of the Victorian Circular Activator, we delivered two CE innovation showcases at RMIT University. The showcases provided a platform for industry, academia, and government entities to share solutions in material advances, product design, business model innovation, and policy development.

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TOOLS: CE Innovation Frameworks

As part of the Victorian Circular Activator, we collated 6 circular economy innovation frameworks from international best practices to help businesses start to start experimenting with circular economy ideas.

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RESEARCH: Towards a more Regenerative Melbourne

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Sean led key research and community engagement work as part of the founding convening members of Regen Melbourne.  The project had three clear purposes: 1) To investigate the appropriateness and adaptability of the Doughnut Economics model to Melbourne’s unique context; 2)To develop preliminary community insights around a regenerative future for Melbourne; 3) To explore the value of a network-based, collaborative methodology to surface findings and recommendations for our road ahead.

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TRAINING: Small Business CE Impact Measurement

In support of a the City of Melbourne's Waste Minimisation and Innovation Strategy, we delivered a tailored education program on circular metrics to small businesses and startups.


STRATEGY: Circular Economy Victoria Action Plan

In collaboration with the CEV Board and key partners we developed CEV's Strategic Action Plan for 2021-2023.

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